22 November 2014

The Present Moment (And Notes For The Future)

An early cold snap brought us ice and snow.
It didn't fully strip the autumn color from the trees.

My buddy Steve's house remained fully decked out in autumn regalia.

A gang of us went to see our pal Tracey (top center) totally kill it as Vera in the play "Mame".

Andreas, a former student, came to observe me for an educational psychology class.

Things remained colorful, if not muted, both outside and inside my home...

The sun was warm but the air kept a still and almost eerily steady chill...

And a junior in my painting class gifted me with a unique and humorous portrait...

With twelve new NYC pieces freshly completed, I decided to pull out a winter 2009 
sketchbook that had a double page spread of notes for a group of pieces I had planned to do later.
Over the past five years, this chaotic stream of consciousness list always sat in the back of my mind.

Before delving into more NYC pieces, I think I may need to explore committing these
  concepts of the past to fully realized artworks using my newly developed form language.

After re-examining this initial wall of words, I pulled all of the corresponding pictures 
from my reference binders and edited the list down to five short lists of carefully grouped 
images that will inform the composition of some new sketches.

  I'm going to see how they work as drawings on white paper before anything else
and beyond that, I'm interested to see how a kaleidoscopic arrangement of 
layered imagery will interact with layers of splatter paint, water crayon and ink.

I'd like to see some old ideas shake hands with new techniques. Let's hope they play together nicely.