28 September 2014

Old Haunts & New Looks NYC

Recently, I did the usual 5th Avenue stroll and visited the good 'ol 
Met & Guggenheim. About three hours into my day, I decided to head
down to Columbus Circle to the relatively new Museum Of Art And Design.
While there, I saw many surprising and bold works of contemporary art, such as...

"Envy" by Barry X. Barry

"Imprisoned In Fluo" by Daniel Von Weinberger

"K. 179" by Frank Stella

The museum's goblet collection in a stairwell landing.

"Seeing Is Believing" by Judith Schaechter

"Holy Ghost Chair" by Lionel T. Dean

"Subdivided Column" by Michael Hansmeyer

"Hyphae Pendant Lamps" by Nervous System

"Bittersweet Obsession" by Orly Corgan

"Lumley" by Paddy Hartley

"Bust Of Lady Belhaven" by Steven Jones

"Protean Bodywear" by Tamae Hirokawa

"L'Artisan Electronique" by Tim Knapen

…and my personal favorite: "Untitled (Richard Pryor) by Todd Pavlisko