09 June 2014

Vintage Roulette: Odds And Ends

Flea Market Find: 1960s Dixie "Jigger" Cups in their original box.

Below: Two recent eBay scores that I plan to build into a new collage from my home:
First, we have Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster in a promotional still from their 1956 film Trapeze.

And secondly, we have Marianna Hill and Robert Forster in the 1969 film Medium Cool.

Below is a dice game from the 1960s called "Bible Cubes".
I snagged this one during a recent Saturday Flea Market Blitzkrieg.

Below is a surprise that my friend Steve brought me after a day of flea marketing…
An immaculate and well-cared for 1960s Sawyer's Viewmaster projector in its original box. 

Every so often I snag another piece of 1964 - 1965 New York World's Fair swag...
This charming glass dish is probably one of the coolest pieces I've found from this event.