03 April 2014

Rolling With The Stones: 1969 - 1972

Images from two items I scored on eBay recently:
These were bought as source material for a new collage I'm building for my home.
I thought I'd digitally archive them before their contents were sliced up and reordered.

One is a 1970 publication that chronicles the Rolling Stones' ill-fated 1969 tour
while another is simply a very 1972 rock magazine containing music tabs and lyrics 
to popular songs of the day along with articles on the hit-makers that produce them.

The back cover of the latter periodical, which advertises the now-legendary Stones opus 
Exile On Main Street, contains an image from that album's Robert Frank photo layout that 
always manages to astound me with its stark rawness, crudeness, and rather vague intent. 
Further proof that, in this particular era, nobody… but NOBODY rocked like The Rolling Stones.