10 February 2014

Kodak Instamatic 20 Camera (1967)

The Kodak Instamatic 20, which was manufactured between 1967 and 1971. This is yet another gem given to me by my friend Steve. It was one of many vintage items that he unearthed while cleaning out his parents' home in preparation for sale. His dad's Dyno Tape name sticker still sits on its side… A personalized detail that makes it  even more special (and more of an honor to have in my collection). When setting the item up to be photographed, I fixed one of the flash cubes into the socket and pressed the red shutter button. Rather unexpectedly, a single flash surprised me with a hot white burst of light. It seems there was one last blast left in it. I'd like to think it was John Sizer Sr.'s way of winking at me from the great beyond, letting me know that he was glad that I had a personalized item that was once his. 
Thanks, Mr. Sizer… I promise to take good care of this.