16 January 2014

1966 Emenee Western Folk Guitar

Several years ago I uploaded a photo of myself in Mom & Dad's living room on Christmas morning 1976 to my Facebook page.  In the photo, I'm playing a brand new Emenee toy guitar that I had just received as a gift from a relative.  Apparently, there was some discussion amongst friends and I about this picture and the much-loved plastic toy in it.  Somewhere in the comment stream I mentioned wishing I still had the guitar and, little did I know, my friend Noreen filed that information away for later use.  Cut to Christmas 2013… She and her boyfriend Jimmy present me with a large box wrapped in festive paper.  Upon opening it, the first thing I see is the face of the cowboy (in relief) on the body of the guitar and I immediately flip out, saying, "Oh my God!  I HAD THIS GUITAR WHEN I WAS A KID!" The room of assembled friends looks back at me laughing and Noreen and Jimmy (smirking) remark, "Yes… We know!" Some gifts are amazing when opened for the first time. Others are more profound when opened for the second time, especially when they are marked by extreme thoughtfulness and complete and utter surprise.  So with that, Noreen and Jimmy, I thank you kindly. This was an absolutely FANTASTIC gift from two very special folks.

A Note For All The Vintage Toy Purists Out There…
Though the photo above was taken in 1976, the Emenee toy guitar shown in this post is (according to the attendant song booklet) the 1966 edition of this instrument.  My guess is that the 1966 edition was remanufactured several times over the years as it was probably a very popular item.  Either that or the relative that bought this toy for me had purchased what's known as "new old stock".  There's no way of knowing if the guitar in the 1976 photo was built in 1966 or 1976, but seeing as all paperwork I currently have on the item says 1966, I'm going to present the item as a 1960s toy.  Regardless, the item I was given in 2013 is identical to the one I was given in 1976… and it's awesome.