03 November 2013

Vinyl Therapy: Arcade Fire "Reflektor" (2013)

Some things not only live up to, but outstrip the hype surrounding them by far.
Such is the case with the adventurous, playful and shimmering new double LP by Arcade Fire.  
It must have seemed rather daunting for this band to follow up The Suburbs, which won Album Of The Year at the 2011 Grammy Awards, but Arcade Fire managed to sidestep any and all Post-Grammy missteps (i.e. creating an album that sounds exactly like the album they were just critically lauded for) quite beautifully. I highly recommend this to fans of (the now defunct) LCD Soundsystem as their leader, James Murphy, was a producer and major collaborator on this album. To say that his input gave them a refreshing and energetic kick would be a great understatement.