28 September 2013

Lobby Cards: Faye Dunaway In "Mommie Dearest" (1981)

1981 movie theatre lobby cards from the cinematic bomb that was Mommie Dearest.

Had Faye Dunaway just embraced the camp value of this and shown a sense of humor about 
the over-the-top cartoon antics that played out here, she would be applauded, acknowledged, 
embraced (and even forgiven) by the Hollywood establishment. If her ego, vanity and attitude 
toward herself and others had been a bit more in check, she'd probably still have a viable film career.

The irony here is that once a mistake is owned by the participant, he or she can usually be free of it. 
 I guess once the ghost of Ms. Crawford gets into some people, that brassy specter never truly lets go.