23 August 2013

Celebrations, Laughter & The Uncommon Moment

A group of us were invited to a very special event 
(at a venue on the grounds seen above) by our friend Tracey...

She summoned us all to Twin Brooks Country Club to celebrate 
her victory over breast cancer, which she fought throughout 2011 and 2012. 
A year on, she has emerged victorious and with an even bolder spirit and 
life force than she had before. And while we're at it... she looks FANTASTIC.

Of course, this was an elegant affair, complete with classy party favors.

The DJ was phenomenal and provided the perfect soundtrack for dancing, 
drinking and overall merriment. Here are just a few snaps of what went on inside...

So, thank you, Tracey... for the great party (and for being YOU).
Everyone there clearly had a great time celebrating your good fortune.

Being invited to celebrate the reclamation of your life certainly puts the beauty 
of the everyday (and what's considered commonplace) into a more defined perspective.

Everything is potentially a Moment (with a capital "M"). It's all in how you frame it. 

Sometimes you're just a drive-by character who's wandering past someone else's big moment.

Other times, we find wonder in the commonplace...

Or stop to look at (and listen to) something we needed to rediscover.

Sometimes, we're watching other people's life journey on a screen...

Other times, we take a moment to reflect upon our own surroundings...

Sometimes, we rediscover a cool moment from 20 years ago...

And then look at our life in the present moment, only to find that it's pretty extraordinary.

And then there are other celebrations we are asked to be a part of 
that take a little more preparation... More on this topic later, but here's a hint...