30 June 2013

Courtney Love: Live In Asbury Park

Courtney Love at The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, New Jersey: 28 June 2013

We got showered with rose petals and glitter.
We got treated to an amazing set list of songs.
Courtney Love reached into the crowd and shook hands, mine included.
In between songs, which she tore through with ferocity and a heavy hand, she 
told jokes, took requests and put on a performance of fiery no-frills Rock And Roll.

It was a very packed house, inside which my friend Janie and I got bounced around,
jostled, rocked, swayed and pressed up against the logjam of humanity assembled.
We went home sweaty, sore and covered in the glorious ear-ringing afterglow...
And as an added bonus, I got to meet Courtney's drummer (and nice guy) Scott Lipps.

After seeing The Rolling Stones last week, Janie and I were concerned that this show
would feel like a come-down of sorts, but once we were down in front and Courtney and her band
hit the stage we knew that we were (once again) in the presence of living, breathing Rock Royalty.