14 January 2013

The Birthday Party

My 40th birthday was spent with family and friends. 
As is always my preference, this involved a home-cooked meal.  My Mom and Dad hosted a cast of very special characters to celebrate this milestone with us on an unseasonably warm (and foggy) January night. Many thanks to my folks, Scott, Steve, Janie and Kristen for the dinner, desserts, camaraderie, laughter, love and gifts. As always, the real gift is in being able to be together late into the night and enjoying one another's company. In addition, a special thanks to my departed (and still much loved) grandparents for making their presence felt in my life (and also in my home) in the days leading up to this particular mile marker on my life's highway. Thanks, too, to all who sent me emails, tweets, cards and Facebook messages to wish this Art Skool Damaged kid well as he enters a new era.  Cheers!