16 September 2012

From The Back: MDNA Atlantic City

My seat for Madonna's MDNA Tour stop in Atlantic City was 
NOWHERE near as good as my seat for her Philadelphia show...

Tonight, though, was a celebratory dancefest with a bunch of friends, new and old...

Myself and Laurie Wharton Richter.

Photo by Janie, which pretty much summed up my mood on this evening.

Myself and Miss Janie Hansen (aka Heidi Glitter Whip).

Myself and Jean Schoenbaum Kinkead.

Everyone had fun. Everyone danced and smiled...Even Scott, 
who was fighting a bad cold couldn't help but be taken in by the spectacle.

PS: The exterior lighting of Boardwalk Hall on this night 
COULD NOT have been ANY more appropriate for a Madonna crowd...