09 April 2012

Easter: Family, Friends & Fun

Cousins: Ashley, Myself, Alyssa, Will & Amanda.
That light you see isn't sun flare.  It's our grandparents shining their love upon us all.


This Easter Weekend, I was lucky enough to have brunch with my parents at their house, stop by my buddy Steve's house to enjoy his kitschy decor and have Steve accompany me to my Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike's house.  Scott was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, so he couldn't join us.  I really would like to photograph that some day.  In the meantime, here are some snaps from my holiday...

A blue orchid that I brought to my Mom and Dad.

I think I should wear my Aunt Susan's shades and my Cousin Amanda's headband to work.

My Aunt Susan sets a mean centerpiece.

Playas gonna play... Haters gonna hate.

Traditional Bunny Cake... Thanks, Sue!  This tasted amazing.

My three gorgeous cousins... Getting more amazing (in every way) every day.

Bouquets for family at my house.

The sun set gently on us all... And we all said goodnight until the next holiday.
However, day or night, you can always count on Steve to have illuminated kitsch decor...

And then there was THIS... Lurking UNDER my Aunt & Uncle's kitchen table...

Some "interpretive" artwork by my cousin Alyssa and two of her, umm... "creative" friends.
I wish I could tell you that she and her pals drew this as children, however they were in their late teens.