17 March 2012

31 iPhone Photos: The Week In Review

An Ikea visit is always good fun, even if I don't buy anything.

I can't resist a chemtrail-colored sunset in an industrial space.

A corner booth always makes me smile, especially when warmly lit.

Through a bootleg DVD source, which sells copies of old shows that are not otherwise commercially available, I've become acquainted with some episodes of the 1966 TV show The Green Hornet.  It's got the same tone as the far superior Batman series, but with less color and cartoonish, over the top action.

I went here, I went there... I walked past a few interesting urban vignettes.

I sought out magic in my everyday spaces, both interior and exterior...

As always, the studio sinks at work were an ongoing and colorful theme. They're my workplace lava lamps. 

A chemical universe unto itself, the photo studio proved a colorful spot too.

Philadelphia greeted me warmly as I stepped through the Reading Terminal.

Friends sent me gifts and accompanied me for meals.

I found intrigue in the fine line between still life and installation.

I found wonder in my own life's stillness and scenes that are just around the corner...

iPhone Instagram, PicFX & PhotoStudio Photos: 10 - 17 March 2012.