19 March 2011

Catskill Game Farm: 1959 & 1977

My Grandmother Joan (above) and my Grandfather Norman (below) with the kids...

It was all fun and games until my Grandmother had enough of the kids' shenannigans and put my Mom and Aunt Karen in that cauldron...  Sometimes you gotta know when to reel it in.  

 My Mom and Uncle Kevin made friends with a giraffe and then stopped fighting for just long enough  to make friends on the hook and ladder truck.  I wonder how much ice cream it took to bribe them into holding hands for this photo.

I think that's my cousin Jeffrey on the white pony.

Lasso tricks (above) and stage coach rides (below)...

 My Cousins Ricky, Jeffrey, Janet, Lois and Dianne take a train ride with my Uncle Kevin and Great Aunt Marion.  Oddly, this train car is named Susan... and she would be the next of my aunts to come along some three years later.  Clearly, this was one of those psychic railroads.

My Grandmother Joan (looking beautiful) with my Aunt Karen on her lap and my Mom at left.

Goodbye to a great day of 1950s Theme Park fun and hello to a flash forward...

1959: My Grandmother with my Mom, Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin and...

1977: My Aunt Susan (age 15, not yet born when the 1959 shot was taken) and myself (age 4).

Uh-oh.  We're making "yuck face".  Those cages must've been RIPE that day.

Nanny attempts to feed a billy goat (or is that a Nanny Goat?) while I, uh... push it toward her (?)
 Was this The Catskills or a developing country?  Why were there goats left out to roam freely among the defenseless park-goers?  I smell ripe cages AND a lawsuit waiting to happen!

OK, now that's just AWKWARD.

 Here I am making "yuck face" again.  Susan must've threatened to throw me in one of the cages.
I can't imagine WHY she would've said something like that.  I was a PERFECT child and she was always annoying me...  You know how immature teenagers are.