29 November 2009

To Wind Gap, Zern's & Back

Amid the flea market insanity, my buddy Steve spied a fantastic find for my house: a 4 foot tall 1958 Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree in fantastic shape. Lady Luck (also know as Sue) offered me a sweet deal of 35 bucks for it. I didn't need too much convincing...After a ride through the village of Macungie and a long drive home under a gorgeous sky (complete with shooting star) it was time to tuck in for the night while looking forward to assembling my Evergleam tree in the morning. Here it sits in my living room, garnished with some era-appropriate vintage ornaments, which were a thoughtful surprise gift from Steve to start me off on my Ever-Gleaming journey.Wind Gap, Macungie & Gilbertsville, PA and Basking Ridge, NJ. 28 November 2009.