21 December 2008

Resurrected: One Hour Photo Prints: 1995-1999.

Roadside points of interest throughout Upstate, New York. 1995-1996.

Elvis' final resting place: Graceland. Memphis, Tennesee. 1996.

Night Garden: The side yard of my grandparents' house in a blurry 35 MM 1-hour-photo print. Summer 1997.

Cluttered randomness left behing by my aunts and grandmother at my grandparents' house in Staten Island, NY. 1998.

Long forgotten pool table in the long forgotten basement rec room. 1998.

My grandfather's basement workshop. Staten Island, NY. 1998.

At work on varied pieces in the downstairs studio space of my Brooklyn apartment. The old red Savarin Coffee can from my grandfather's workshop was later transplanted here. Late 1998 - Early 1999.

Coney Island Memories: Boardwalk attractions (with my friend Janie). A participant in the Mermaid Parade. A disposable camera double exposure. Summer 1997.