13 July 2008

...In The Event Of Unusual Noises

As I arrived at work. Monday morning.

A mid-day set piece. Quiet underground.

Stairwell. Hoboken parking deck.

Santogold. This sticker is in my sketchbook now. 6th Ave.

Breezy morning. Unseasonably cool.

Right outside of work. My whole college life summed up atop a trash can.

The new skylight courtyard at Parsons Downtown.

I'm not sure if it was merely left behind or a site-specific locker installation piece, but it's great.

Warning on the central AC unitl. 12th Floor.

Mid-day haze. Wednesday.

10th Floor Lounge toy.

11th Floor lounge display.

9th Floor tackboard.

Left behind: Cy Twombly? Were you here?

Looking over the tops of buildings down 5th Avenue. Thursday.

8th Floor Lounge.

My classroom: Silver, grey, white, black.

Down the hall and around the corner.

Shrek and the homeless appliance cartel. Thursday.

Daily adjustments to the in-progress scultpure on the 10th Floor.

6th Ave. watering hole.

Shaftway at street level.

This greeted me outside of work on Friday morning.

Bright installation. Ground floor gallery space.

Digital sponge...Is that the operator's manual?

Elevated. 7-11 July 2008.