21 April 2008

Pleasant Valley

A new friend greets me (and departs quickly).

Soon these trees will be very full and loud with many insects and birds.

For now they are still serpentine, skeletal and looming.

Some of last year's high grasses still remain as new life reaches for the sun.

Cushioned with soft, sweet smelling bark chips and reddish dirt, the paths invite me.

New mud on old roots creates shelter for some wild things.

Some things fall, some things wither, other things must be cut...

Some things are cut in three by nature...

Other things know when to stay green and stand upright.

Just off the beaten path... A shallow grave?

Man made devices and designs interrupt the scenery at times.

The playing fields are quiet on this morning, but not for long.

No summer bugs today, just the errant spray of mist.

Sometimes bright things hide beneath the other things that end up getting more attention.

One last look for the morning... and I am on my way.

Pleasant Valley Park. Basking Ridge, NJ. 19 April 2008.