08 February 2008

The Antler Branch Sequence

This sequence of images was shot on 18 January 2008. I was only just able to edit them fully for a blogpost today and as you can see, the results are a bit haunting. I was always fascinated by this particular lone tree in a low-lying watershed area behind my home. I wasn't feeling well and could not really attribute this "feeling run down" to anything but possible bronchitis and decided to go for a walk with my camera for some fresh air. Little did I know that the haunting and somewhat stark nature of this space was a harbinger of what I would soon experience when being hospitalized 2 days later. Today, however, I look at these photos and feel quite good. That's the healing process for you... a learning experience. Sometimes we have no other choice but to accept our lot and push forward. The way out is (indeed) through. Spring Valley Boulevard. Basking Ridge, NJ. 2008.