21 October 2007

Burned & Abandoned On Route 1

It had been in this state for over a week... an old "little red schoolhouse" type building with a charming (and now charred) facade. Unguarded, un-bulldozed and open to all elements and passers-by, it stood in dormant, blackened silence. There wasn't so much as a roll of standard yellow "Caution" tape draped over the entrance to the property, which is right on Route 1 Northbound in South Brunswick. When I went back a week after first seeing it with my camera, I could not believe that it had been untouched. It appears to have been some sort of shop or storage facility due to the large amount of cardboard boxes of housewares I saw inside. Surprisingly, some of these boxes and items were largely intact and full of pristine white porcelain mugs. A bit macabre and a bit beautiful at the same time. 9:30 AM. 21 October 2007.