12 March 2023


Longer days let us linger and wander.

Some of our mess is beautiful. 

…And so it begins. 
Day one of mat cutting for
the spring art shows. Here we go, folks!

Chancey sends her love to you all.


Last week we laid my Aunt Karen to rest.
Much love to you Aunt Karen as you reunite 
with all of our loved ones on the other side. 

Saint Clement's Church. Matawan, NJ

This church bell is for my Uncle Mike who passed in 2020.

These kids and these Snapchat filters.

STUDENT: “What’s that called?” 
ME: “This? It’s an easel.” 
STUDENT: “Oh. I always thought that was 
called a stethoscope.” ME: “Okay soooo 
please don’t go to med school, okay?”

I'm ready for spring. How about you?