20 April 2024

Bright Things. Colorful Things.

Hello Blue And White

Morning Above. Afternoon Below.

Spring Blooms

My friend Steve's bathroom decor.
I may be responsible for some of this.

Time For Another Crown

...And we're BACK! 
It's great to be spending time in park again.

ME: (Typing scholarship recommendation letters, minding my own business) STUDENT: (Approaches me with a piece of charcoal aimed at my head) ME: “What are you doing?” STUDENT: “I wanted to make all your hair the same color.” PS: Only 38 more school days.

My friend Sam bought a VHS tape at Goodwill for 50 cents.
It was marked "Reunion 1995". Sam digitized the contents
and uploaded them to YouTube. Here it is... VHS Tape 1995

You know summer is on its way when you see these in the store. 

Mother And Child 

A warm and happy 
spring renewal to ALL. 
Love, CDM