24 September 2023


September rolls along...

Some little creatures truck along as well. 

Some of us stop and watch as it rolls by.

Some of us drive. 

Work continues for me...
Many more hours to go.

New To The Archives: Vogue (Sept. 2023)
Linda • Cindy • Christy • Naomi: The Supermodels of the 1990s were meteoric (and yes, iconic). These ladies are still unmatched within that particular stratosphere. QUICK STORY: One rainy fall day I chanced upon Linda Evangelista walking toward me along 13th Street. With her hoisted umbrella and tall stature, she seemed to announce herself (in full catwalk countenance) on a relatively empty sidewalk. As she approached, I glanced over at her, smiled and arched my left eyebrow. Wouldn’t you know it… Linda held my gaze, upturned her lips into a dazzling smile and gave me a raised eyebrow as well. If that supermodel moment wasn’t enough, a short time later and one block south on 12th Street I watched Christy Turlington casually strolling along while looking through an envelope of photos that she had apparently just picked up from the one hour photo place on 6th Ave. An older woman stopped her and said “Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you, but you are just SO elegant…” Christy stopped, folded the envelope closed, thanked her and engaged in a full on conversation with this woman. All the while the two of them were holding hands. That was a sweet, very human moment to observe. Every so often I would see Kate Moss in the East Village (looking exactly like one of her CK One ads, which is to say EVERYONE in the East Village circa 1995) and one afternoon in the early 2000s I found myself standing on line for movie tickets next to Milla Jovovich (casual but chic in a fur-lined orange hooded bubble jacket). SUPERMODELS… THEY’RE JUST LIKE US! Also… I never encountered Cindy Crawford and I am marked safe from Naomi Campbell (for now).

Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade (2023)
This double vinyl beauty just found its way across the Atlantic Ocean to my turntable. Ms. Murphy’s previous album Róisín Machine and her November 2020 livestream concert in a warehouse (available for free download at her website or streaming on YouTube) helped get me through the depths of the pandemic. I was hoping to thank her for this in person after her Terminal 5 NYC show later this month but a work commitment has forced me to give up that ticket. Anyhow, if you’re seeing this, thank you Róisín for the music and magic. Loving this album so far. Can’t replicate someone as unique as you. I’ll see you on your next spin through these shores. Folks, if you get the chance to see RM kicking it live, please go. SHE ABSOLUTELY KILLS IT!

Many thanks to my friend Lorie for surprising me with this beautiful Keith Haring Polaroid Camera and two packs of film. I need to select some special subject matter for these instant exposures. Much love to you (as always) my friend.

Crushed Student Sculpture

Officially In My Ice Cream Man Era

52 years ago, these crazy kids got married. 
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Love you!

Had to get a shot with my adopted brother 
Steve because he is their favorite child.

Student Sculptures Standing Tall

Color Studies

This was a camera misfire that happened as I walked in my door.
It felt special, significant and celestial so I decided to share it. 

Went to see Tracy and Todd in It's Only A Play...

Take a bow, folks!

Angel numbers... signs... signals. 
Always look for the signs and signals.