21 September 2021

September Sights

This is a travelogue of everywhere and nowhere.

Sometimes nowhere is quite pretty.

Sometimes we are surprised with visitors.

Sometimes we find things to see at work.

Sometimes we spin records.

It's always good to have a colorful dessert.

50 years ago, these two got married.
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! 

I had a great time celebrating with my folks, 
my aunts and uncle and (of course) my parents'
favorite child... my adopted brother Steve.

Oh... And of course Steve and I 
found several bowls of matzoh ball soup.

Excuse me... What year is it?

Spirit said "Take my picture."
It was reaching over my shoulder.

A 1980s image from one of MANY ferry rides
between Staten Island and Manhattan. Twenty years since 
that awful day when the towers fell. Nobody who was lost 
 has been forgotten. Their light shine through all of us.

Here we go.

This way autumn lies... 
Onward to another season.