05 April 2021


March - April 2021

When it's 70 degrees but there's snow on the ground

Happy International Women's Day 
to all of these amazing artists that I've 
had the honor and privilege of photographing.

Depeche Moderna - Dose 1

A year ago we could not get haircuts

Happy Passover from me and my friend Steve

Vibe Check

Opening day of 
he outdoor flea market.
We love you Vanessa!

That feeling when you find one of those smoked
glass mirrors that you spend 50 dollars in quarters
trying to win on the boardwalk. Double bonus points
if it has Duran Duran on it. HELL YES I bought it!

Happy Easter from The Montone Family 
and my adopted brother Steve who made
speckled eggs for us because he's super cool.

Bobby and Whitney reunited!

Did I mention it was flea market time?

Childhood ceramic egg at Mom and Dad's house

My parents have a way with plants

My parents' dog runs everything

Full moons and fuller days... Bring it!