22 January 2023

January 2023: 50 Candles And Counting

Cheers to 2023.
Here's to a colorful new year for all.
Reminder: Seemingly broken things are beautiful too. 

Daily drive... Morning reminder. 

Happy Birthday David Bowie

Matzoh warm outside... Soup time!

The Róisín Machine Tour Book (limited edition of 600 copies, signed by Róisín Murphy herself) just landed on my doorstep. The Sorcha Bridge photos are wonderful and Ms. Murphy’s vibes are immaculate. I can’t wait for the next album and era, Róisín! Thank you for EVERYTHING.

5IFTY and #nofilter

Many thanks to Kelly McD for this beautiful relic.

50th Birthday Recap: Dinner with my parents and my adopted brother Steve who baked the most amazing chocolate cake (from scratch) with homemade icing. Steve’s baking skills and generosity are two of the many reasons why he’s my parents’ favorite child. In fact, they also favor him over my imaginary twin brother Timmy who “got killed by a pizza truck” in 1977. Long story. If you know, you know. (RIP Timmy. Your spirit lives on.) Anyway, my first birthday surprise came earlier in the day at work. A partial and then total power outage caused all instruction to be shut down for the day. Nobody complained. Upon the first flickering of the lights I had an instinctive sense that this was some sort of cosmic alignment rather than a coincidence. Staff and students were dismissed at noon and EVERYONE was convinced that the early dismissal was my birthday gift from The Universe. Repeatedly hearing “Thanks for the blackout!” and “Montone, you manifested this!” and “We got a half day for your birthday!” from colleagues and kids helped make my 50th birthday absolutely unforgettable. Dinner with my parents, a great friend and receiving countless calls, texts and good wishes on every interface from loved ones near and far was priceless. The REAL gift, however, is in the every day. Being alive, continuing to move forward, having the ability to create and evolve and having the good fortune to do all of the above while knowing all of you nice folks is the REAL gift. Thank you all for who you are. The journey continues for us all. Stay illuminated. Love, CDM

Thanks, Michael! Love the Bowie cards!

50th Birthday Weekend: Heaven is a place on Earth but it’s also a record store. I paid a visit to my friend Bobby's fantastic music shop today and, as always, it did not disappoint. Thanks Bobby! Also, many thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings over the past couple of days. Cheers to all!

Splatter In The Slammer • Faux Pollock Imprisoned

28 years in art education and somehow I’m performing nail repair for a student on a Thursday afternoon. I’m basically an overpaid nail tech now. Pro Tip: Elmers Glue and a No. 6 watercolor brush work wonders. Follow me for more manicure tips. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Another Soon To Be Empty Space
In two months Merchants Square Mall will be closing. I’m sad to see it go as I’ve enjoyed shopping here as well as getting to know (and in some cases becoming friends with) vendors whose uniquely appointed shops have been housed here for some time. It’s a shame when the land is more valuable than the building, the revenue, the independently owned businesses and (most of all) the people who populate venues like this. I’ll certainly miss MSM when it closes in late March but I hope to see my friends whose shops inhabited this building thriving in other spaces. Cheers to all of you good folks on a new chapter!

Sleigh All Day!

The Ghost Of A Department Store - Allentown, PA

I hope 2023 has been treating all of you well.
Many good wishes going forward for the new year. 
Love, CDM