17 June 2024

Beautiful June

Of Patios And Chalkmarks...

Of Flowers And Fountains...

Another Season With My Blue Friend


Honeysuckle... My Favorite Scent 

Swept Up In The Sky

Hello, Friend!

I ran into my friend Jenn Starr... Nice surprise. 

Parking Lot Toast

Diner Ice Cream

Impromptu Goose Gathering

I'm not a convicted felon so I voted.

That thing when it’s the morning after Prom Night and all the seniors have escaped to The Poconos or the Jersey Shore and a group of Underclassmen girls is feverishly scanning every social media platform and “critiquing” (or, more accurately, throwing shade at) all of the girls’ dresses from last night as if it’s an adolescent episode of Fashion Police on E! Television and the Joan Rivers of the group delivers a one liner like “How does she manage to wear heels and look even shorter?” while another girl mocks a senior boy’s dance moves and tuxedo choice and all I can think of is I’m so glad that my peers and I got to evolve through our youth and into adulthood in a time before social media.

That thing when Addie G. comes back to the high school to work with one of our science teachers after graduating from Brandeis University with a degree in neuroscience and biology and then visits me in the art department to catch up and helps me clean up the dollops of blue acrylic paint that had spilled and gotten tracked all over the floor and then we have a fire drill and go outside to find that the clouds are beautiful and everything is well that ends well. Thanks for the visit Addie! You have so much to look forward to and I hope you revel in ALL OF IT!


That's A Wrap On Year 24

Father's Day 2024

Love To All The Dads Out There

Stay Illuminated. Love, CDM