05 May 2024

May I? Yes I May.

Everything In Bloom

Arrow To The Sky

It's Poppin'

Tear it up. Lay it down. 

Celebrating Dad’s 75th Birthday with my parents and my adopted brother Steve (who is, of course, my parents’ favorite child). Question… Is this cake gay enough? Many thanks to our friends at Cafe Figaro for taking such great care of us time and time again. We love you guys.

Vibe Check

Drop It Like It's Hot

35 Years Ago • 2 May 1989
The Cure released Disintegration and nothing 
would ever be quite the same. Happy Birthday 
to one of my favorite albums of all time.

Dua Lipa • Radical Optimism (2024)
This transparent blue vinyl beauty was waiting at my door when I 
returned home from a walk in the park. It got loud that night.

Pet Shop Boys • Nonetheless (2024)
Double white vinyl, cassette and double CD just arrived. Forty years after the Bobby Orlando version of West End Girls hit the clubs (the canonical version produced by Stephen Hague would feature on their debut album a year later) their newest collection of songs is thoroughly winning. The deluxe edition includes a four track EP called Furthermore which includes new re-recordings of some of their earlier works. Available wherever you hear music.

May we all move swiftly and safely into June