01 April 2024

Hello April... No Foolin'

Who loves the sun?

Something told me to stop the car, get out and snap some photos of this abandoned house that I’ve driven by thousands of times and never photographed once. The next day it was completely bulldozed. Always trust your instincts.

28 March 2024

That thing where you’re driving to work through Jockey Hollow at 6:45 AM and a GIANT turkey vulture flies across the road and SLAMS into the windshield of your car with a THUD and completely removes one of your windshield wipers in the process while it’s raining and you’re stunned as you continue to drive and have no idea how your windshield didn’t break or how the vulture didn’t end up in your car and then you get to work and decide to run to Walmart to get new windshield wipers and Tracey Platt covers a class for you and then Steve Coleman (whose birthday is today by the way) attaches the new wipers to your car as all members of the art department operate with all hands on deck to finalize frames and tags on 35 pieces of student artwork that you and Steve are going to deliver to an exhibit that the kids are participating in and did I mention it was raining the whole time? By the way I love my new windshield wipers and I’m VERY grateful to have no injuries. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! I have no idea what became of the vulture but he owes me 45 bucks for the new wipers and thanks to all of you nice folks for coming to my TEDtalk.

Steve representing Bridge Cape Ann...

That thing when the Dunkin’ is also a smoke shop with a fully stocked dispensary and everyone and everything inside is moving VERY SLOWLY. The last time I was in here a nice young man offered me a free sample of edibles. DID NOT have that on my Dunkin’ bingo card.

A Boy & A Bunny (1975)
I would TOTALLY wear that outfit today. Happy Easter!

31 March 2024

My mother has once again set an absolutely elegant table for another holiday gathering. As time goes by I am increasingly grateful for family and friend celebrations, milestones and moments however large or small. Every moment counts. Here’s to a beautiful Easter weekend to all who celebrate and an abundant springtime for all.

Art / Artist • Happy Peepster and many thanks to Steve for another amazing Easter cake! This (among other reasons) is why he’s my parents’ favorite child.

Happy Easter from The Montone Family and my adopted brother Steve (who is my parents’ favorite child because he bakes, crochets, sews and cross stitches). Did I mention that he’s also a notary public? No, he really is.

White cake with butter cream frosting dyed violet
and of course Marshmallow Peeps... Steve NAILED IT!

Happy April... No Foolin'