20 November 2022


Anutha Buncha Sculptcha


I draw, I teach and sometimes I eat monsters.
Thanks to my friend Steve (pictured below when we ran into 
each other at the voting booth) for the Monster Peeps.

I ran into Maria, one of my forever fave alumni.
This dynamic young lady is studying to be a therapist.
What a gem... She's gonna do great things. 

I get aesthetic arrest from a well-worn palette. 

November does its thing...

I bought two more lamps for my classroom
so the cold overhead fluorescents won't be 
needed as much and the students like the vibe. 

…And that’s a wrap! 
I had the pleasure of conducting a Divine Hemp
photo shoot with these fine folks last night. 
Exciting new features coming soon!

I had the pleasure of spending an evening with my friend Todd and his delightfully sweet boyfriend Doug. Todd says hello and sends his love to all of our mutual friends from high school. Thanks again for a lovely night, gentlemen. The two of you are very special individuals.

It's too early to be this late.
Such is life approaching the winter solstice.